Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

Mother’s Day might mean flowers, but we’re getting creative in the kitchen today with these beaut edible flowers straight from the garden (inspired by a hot tip from April Samson-Kelly)!

photo 1  flowers



We love eating all the bits of this plant but the edible flowers are possibly our favourite bit with their showy petals, spicy nip and sweet nectar-y goodness in their little tails. A lovely garden treat for kids, and excellent for tarting up a salad.


Calendula flowers are another abundant source of pretty edible garden garnish action. Sprinkle the plucked petals over anything for a bright yellow spark of brilliance.

Sweet Geraniums

Sweet geraniums smell incredible and come in a variety of “flavours”. Not all garden geraniums have edible flowers, so bone up with this handy guide before attempting an identification.


We love the unique oyster-y flavours of borage flowers and leaves. Great in salad, suspended in ice-blocks or as a garnish for some gloriously green borage soup.


They’ve got to be the most popular flower on a day like today, but roses are also very edible flowers (though we wouldn’t recommend those you get from a florist or commercial grower – they’re likely covered in pesticides!) They have so many uses and add beauty and fragrance to every dish they touch.


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