Pip Podcast #21 Waste-Free Living with Lauren and Oberon Carter

Pip Podcast #21 Waste-Free Living with Lauren and Oberon Carter

In this podcast we speak with Lauren and Oberon Carter, authors of the fabulous book, A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living. They share their story about how they came to living a waste-free life and we discuss the potential hurdles and obstacles many of us face when trying to live waste-free and how they get around them.

Lauren and Oberon live with their three daughters in Hobart on an average suburban block and live a waste-free life.


If you would like to know more about waste-free living check out issue 14 of Pip Magazine.

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    That’s terrific, these ideas and challenges are great to focus people. My partner’s set us a challenge of not shopping for a month, which really focused us on what we had growing.
    Like this family with their waste, we’ve kicked onnfrom there. Good podcast thanks.

    Jun 8, 2019 Reply
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      I’m so glad you liked it. Yes I think small achievable goals is a good way to start.

      Robyn Rosenfeldt
      Jun 8, 2019 Reply
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    Lovely podcast – lots of food for thought in the gentle art of connecting to the world and inspiring change on a personal and societal level.

    Cath Blakey
    Jul 11, 2019 Reply

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