Pip Sunlight and Seaweed & 2018 Calendar Subscription

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Pip Sunlight and Seaweed & 2018 calendar subscription

The Pip Sunlight and Seaweed  subscription includes a one or two year subscription to Pip,  a copy of Sunlight and Seaweed by Tim Flannery and our Pip 2018 Kitchen Garden calendar.

The guide for anyone who dreams of living the country life in the city by growing their own healthy, sustainable fruit and veg – and more!

Pip Magazine is published three times a year. This subscription starts with your choice of the current issue, Issue 10 pictured here OR the next Issue, Issue 11, out June 2018.

If this is intended as a gift, let us know as we can slip a little note into the magazine, letting the lucky recipient know there are more issues to come!

Save 12% with this Pip Sunlight and Seaweed Subscription!


Make your choice in the dropdown. Start with the current issue, Issue 10 pictured here OR the next Issue, Issue 11, out June 2018.

You can also get all of the back issues to complete your collection.

Sunlight & Seaweed by Tim Flannery

Acclaimed scientist Tim Flannery investigates exciting new technologies currently being developed to address our most pressing environmental threats in a book that presents a positive future for us and our planet.

Climate change, food production and toxic pollution present huge challenges, but, as Flannery shows, we already have innovative, practical and inspiring solutions. Solar energy has, until now, been limited to supplying power only when the sun is shining. But new technology using concentrated sunlight to provide intense heat energy that can be effectively stored overcomes this problem, providing clean renewable power around the clock. Further, the large amounts of power produced can be used to tackle the issue of feeding the world’s growing population—by enabling energy-intense methods of purifying polluted land for agricultural production.

Drawing carbon out of the atmosphere is an essential component in limiting climate change. Flannery explores the potential of kelp, a fast-growing sea algae, to be used on a large scale to convert carbon from the air to a non-gaseous form, reducing levels of atmospheric carbon.

With accessible and engaging explanations of the fascinating science behind these technologies, as well as accounts of the systems already in operation around the world, Sunlight and Seaweed is an enlightening and uplifting view of the future.

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