Mushroom Gift Pack

Mushroom Gift Pack

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Give a gift with purpose!

The Mushroom gift pack includes:

  • Radical Mycology by Peter McCoy 
  • Opinel Mushroom Knife
  • Copy of Pip Magazine Issue #3
  • The 2019 Pip Kitchen Garden Calendar with moon planting guide and pull-out ‘sow when’ poster.

Go mushroom-mad with this great mycology themed gift pack!

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Mushroom gift pack

Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing & Working With Fungi by Peter McCoy
With step-by-step protocols for beginner to advanced processes, hundreds of photographs and illustrations, over a dozen appendices, and 100 species profiles, Radical Mycology is an invaluable reference book for anyone interested in Do-It-Yourself (or Do-It-Together) homesteading, community organizing, food security, natural medicine, grassroots bioremediation, and the evolution of human-fungal-ecological relations. More than a book on mushrooms, Radical Mycology is a call to ally with fungi in all efforts to spawn a healthier world. Heavily referenced and illustrated by the author, this unprecedented treatise will undoubtedly remain a classic for generations to come.

The Opinel Mushroom knife is specially designed for picking and preparing mushrooms. Its pruning blade and boar bristle brush are perfect for cleaning and picking mushrooms.

Issue 3 explores the roles of fungi in Permaculture


The Pip Kitchen Garden Calendar is back for 2019 and it’s bigger and better than ever!
Featuring a
  • beautiful pull-out “sow when” planting poster
  • moon phases gardening guide and
  • 12 scrumptious seasonal recipes.
With recipes and beautiful photographs from; Stephanie Alexander, Paul West (River Cottage Australia), Milkwood Permaculture, Grown & Gathered by Matt & Lentil, Holly Davis & many more
The Pip Kitchen Garden calendar is an essential ingredient for any gardener’s kitchen!

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