Back Issue – Issue 2 (Digital Download)

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Download issue two as a PDF to read about food swaps, gardening with kids, permaculture earthworks, how to make chorizo, green manure, composting toilets, no-debt housing and more.

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  • The permaculture power of big machines. Ian Lillington reports on an earth moving exercise with a permaculture purpose.
  • Meaningful change: Nurturing an inner permaculture to enable a deeper outer permaculture. Professor Stuart Hill explores the concept of meaningful change and how to bring it about.
  • Waterless composting toilets. Kym Mogridge talks us through the different options.
  • Articulating clear design goals. Dan Palmer shares part of his design process.
  • Creating gardens with refugees. Hannah Maloney shares her tale of gardening with refugees.
  • The ‘forgotten’ island. Orietta L’Abbate reports on the state of things in Haiti and how permaculture is helping.


  • Grow your own meat. Beck Lowe talks us through the process of butchering a chicken.
  • Profile: Aaron Sorenson by Carla Grossetti.
  • Green manures. Hannah Maloney shares her knowledge of green manures and how to use them.


  • Our house at Crystal Waters Eco Village. Morag Gamble profiles her home and the process of creating it.
  • No Debt Housing. John Champagne looks at how to create a home, debt free.


  • Reducing waste café style. Emily Rogers looks at cafés that are reducing their waste.
  • Profile: Karen Lott by Robyn Rosenfeldt.
  • How to make chorizo. Matthew Evans and the team at Gourmet Farmer share their chorizo recipe.


  • The ethics and heart of social enterprise. Robin Clayfield looks at how to run a business with heart.
  • Profile: Madelaine Scott by Robyn Rosenfeldt.
  • Two men and a pumpkin: a sustainable farmgate journey.
  • Brett Cooper tells us about his farmgate roadside stall.


  •  Co-creating a fun, sensory and edible family garden. Steve Webb shares his ideas for creating a garden for kids.
  • Profile: Tabitha Bilaniwskyj-Zarins by Robyn Rosenfeldt.
  • Parenting the permaculture way. Julie and Damon Davies adapt the permaculture principles to parenting.


  • Growing community gardening in the Top End. Lachlan McKenzie tells us about the network of gardens around Darwin.
  • Profile: Nadja Osterstock by Robyn Rosenfeldt.
  • Local produce swaps. Jodie Lane shares her tips for creating your own local food swap.



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