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In Pip #1

Pip Magazine – Issue 1 comprises stories from across Australia. Pip will help you grow, build, eat, thrive, nurture and it will also help you connect to a more sustainable life.

In Pip #2

Professor Stuart Hill explores the concept of meaningful change and how to bring it about in Nurturing an inner permaculture to enable a deeper outer permaculture. You’ll also learn about:

  •  composting toilets,
  • how to grow your own meat,
  • the ethics and heart of social entreprise,
  • growing a community garden,
  • and much more.

In Pip #3

You’ll learn about:

  • fermenting (read this article for free),
  • the role of mushrooms in a permaculture system,
  • how to declutter your house and life,
  • the benefits of bamboo,
  • what a permablitz is,
  • how to build an upside down no-dig garden,
  • and much more.

In Pip #4

issue 4 has a focus on bees and what we can do to save them with articles on the plight of bees, native bees and a complete guide to choosing the best backyard beehive.
You’ll  also learn about:

  • soil,
  • perennials,
  • the art of free travel,
  • a permaculture diet,
  • sharing permaculture with your children,
  • earth bag building 
  • a complete directory to permaculture and related courses around the country.

In Pip #5

Issue 5 features articles by Nick RoseTammi JonasDavid HolmgrenBruce PascoeAlbert BatesKirsten Bradley and loads of other fabulous permies!
Articles include: 

  • Fair food: what a fair food system looks like,
  • creating a double-dig garden, biochar, 
  • how to build a coolroom,
  • an alternative Australian history,
  •  Aboriginal food plants
  • simple to make greywater system,
  • tiny house builder Rob Scott,
  •  our new kids section kids’ patch with articles for and by little people…

In Pip #6

Read about tiny house living, wild food foragersnatural building techniques, slow fashion and more!

In Pip #7

You’ll learn all you need to know to raise your own backyard chooks; including a complete guide to chicken health carebreeding chickens and raising chickens for meat. We also have all our regular sections with articles on growing garlic for year round supplypicklingJapanese fermentingnatural dyeingelectric vehicleshomeschooling as well as profiles permaculture designed properties and a series on rare trade artisans.

Please note: this subscription pack starts with issue 9 – to add on our current issue (issue 8), select this as an add-on when ordering.

In Pip #8

Issue 8 contains stories to inspire and help readers on their path to sustainability. There’s a profile series on urban farmers around Australia, a guide to growing raspberries, an exploration of bush schools, a look at an Adelaide Earthship project and a profile on permaculture pioneer Rosemary Morrow. Also learn to knit beanies, make a DIY compost toilet, grow your own mulch and grow and cook native bush foods.

Goat fans can rejoice, as not only are they Pip’s cover model (thanks to the beautiful work of illustrator Kate Mason), but we have a guide to keeping goats and their role in a permaculture system, we meet the goat co-op members at Hibi Farm in urban Melbourne and we find them at Ecoburbia, an experimental housing initiative in Fremantle.

In Pip #9

Issue 9 features articles by Dr Alecia BellgroveAnton VikstromRhonda HetzelJustin CalverleySarah HardgraveDjango Van nThole and loads of other fabulous permies!
Articles include: 

  • Build your own natural swimming pool
  • building a Straw-bale home: small and slow solutions
  • foraging for Edible Seaweed
  • rental gardening
  • build your own fire bath
  • home brew sustainable beer
  • more nature and less screen time for your kids

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Wanting to live a more sustainable life? Let us inspire you with Pip Magazine Back Issue Collection.

Pip Magazine Back Issue Collection comprises stories from across Australia. Pip will help you grow, build, eat, thrive, nurture, and connect your way to a more sustainable life and planet.

Just heard of Pip and want to bring yourself up to date with what’s been happening in permaculture in Australia? Well here’s your chance in one convenient pack.


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