Enrich your life! We have a select range of educational and inspirational books around the topics of Permaculture and all that Pip stands for. Our selection covers topics like organic gardening, healthy living and  cooking books, bushfoods, and fermentation, parenting, homebrewing and the best of permaculture. You will find something to grow your brain and stir your passion for a better world here!

Discover authors like Tim Flannery, Richard Louv, Matt and Lentil, Lily Alice and Thomas O’Quinn, Rosemary Morrow, Holly Davis, DOug Purdie, Linda Woodrow, Justin Calverley,  Adam Grubb and Annie Raser – Rowland, Bruce Pascoe, Allen Gilbert, Penny Woodward, Michel and Jude Fanton and of course Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.

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