Pip Podcast #22 Waste Not with Erin Rhoads (The Rogue Ginger)

Pip Podcast #22 Waste Not with Erin Rhoads (The Rogue Ginger)

In this podcast we speak with Erin Rhoads (The Rogue Ginger), author of the wonderful book, Waste Not. We discuss the war on waste and the impact of our waste on the world. We explore solutions and the benefits of pursuing a waste free life.

Erin’s website The Rogue Ginger, details her personal journey to live plastic and waste free. She is a speaker, consultant and founder of Zero Waste Victoria and Plastic Bag Free Victoria. Her first book Waste Not: Make a big difference by throwing away less was released July 2018.
Erin lives with her husband and son in Melbourne.

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Useful links:
The Rogue Ginger – https://www.therogueginger.com/
War on Waste – https://www.abc.net.au/tv/programs/war-on-waste/
Blue Planet – https://www.bbcearth.com/shows/blue-planet/

Grab your copy of issue 14 of Pip Magazine to read Erin’s article about going waste free in the kitchen.

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