Wet-Cured Nitrate-Free Bacon

Wet-Cured Nitrate-Free Bacon


100 g of coarse sea salt/ litre of water
4kg piece of boned- out pork middle, including loin



Find a container large enough to hold pork bellies.  Place enough water to cover pork bellies, add salt, stirring to dissolve.  Place the pork in this brine and weigh it down to ensure it stays below the surface of the liquid.  Cover, place in a cool dark place (about 12˙ C) and leave in the brine – allowing one day per kilogram of meat, more if it’s fatty pork. We left it in the fridge.


Remove from brine and cold or hot smoke.  There are a many different ways to smoke meat. I recommend researching it well.  It is important to get it right. We borrowed a friends Weber BBQ with a smoking attachment which is basically a small methylated spirits burner with a tray on it for wood chips.  Light fire, place chips on the tray and rack on top.  Place pork bellies on the rack and smoke for about 4 hours. Depending on method of smoking.) Remove, slice and eat. We sliced all ours up and froze the extra.
Curing recipe taken from The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book Matthew Evans, Nick Haddow, Ross O’Meara ( 2012, Murdoch Books Pty Ltd.)

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    How many hours in the smoker? (it shows as ^^% in my browser). Is this recipe for taste, rather than preserving? ie you can’t keep the pork/bacon for very long?

    Aug 5, 2014 Reply
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      Woops, I forgot to change it. It is right now. It really depends on your method of smoking.

      Robyn Rosenfeldt
      Aug 5, 2014 Reply

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