Baked Vegetables With A Difference

Baked Vegetables With A Difference

Chop up vegetables of your choice for baking, like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, onion, beetroot, carrot, arrowroot, aerial potato, and parsnip
4 cloves garlic, chopped finely
1 knob ginger, chopped finely
For each tray of vegetables you will need:
2 tbs honey
3 tbs oil
Arrange vegetables in trays according to their baking time (arrowroot, carrot and beetroot take the longest, then potato, onion, parsnip, pumpkin and aerial potato.  Sweet potatoes take about half the time of ordinary potatoes).
All this depends of course on how small you chop each vegetable.
Sprinkle the garlic and ginger evenly over the vegetables.
Drizzle honey and oil over each tray.
Bake, spooning some of the mixture back over the vegetables every 15 minutes or so, and turn over at least twice during cooking time.
Add more oil if necessary and more honey if a sweeter meal is desired.

Serve with salad and marinated baked tofu, or with your favourite roast meat and cooked greens.

From P.112 ‘You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too’
by Robin Clayfield

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