At Pip we are committed to following the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share and we look for, and only feature, advertisers who share our views.

Pip has a community of 50,000+ people in Australia and across the world.

We distribute 3 Issues per year; March, July and November.

25,000 print readership per issue 

46,000+ Website page views per month
18,500+ unique website users per month

19,000+ Facebook followers
17,500+ Instagram followers

7,000+ e-newsletter subscribers

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80% of our readers are interested in growing food
• 68% of our readers are interested in keeping productive animals
• 60% of our readers are interested in technology
• 56% of our readers are interested in green building

less than 3 years, Pip has grown from an idea to a community of over 50,000 people.

By advertising with Pip, you speak directly to these people, both in print and online.

We offer competitive advertising rates and can tailor personal packages in both print and digital to suit your specific business.
Print ads from $250 | MREC $330 per month, including campaign support. E-newsletter exclusive banners, podcast sponsorships and more.

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