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Our print magazine comes out three times a year and is full of ideas and inspiration for climate-conscious living. Learn skills for no-waste living, growing food, making compost, foraging, seed saving, preserving, beekeeping, keeping backyard animals, green building, mending, crafting, recipes and much more.

In this issue of Pip Magazine we are looking at ways to live more self-sufficiently at home and within our communities. We look at how to grow food at home, no matter how small you space, how to grow blueberries, seed saving, native foods, local food systems in times of crisis, permaculture design at your place, what is a planet-friendly diet and our guide to indoor plants.

We also explore cultural burning, rehydrating landscapes, a fire-resistant earthship build in Kinglake. As well as winter warmers with our guide to woodfire heaters and our latest winter woollen craft ideas and the healing power of apple cider vinegar. All this and  much more to help you on your journey towards greater self-sufficiency and climate-friendly living.

This month we are offering a FREE PACKET of seeds with every print subscription within Australia.

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