Buy it Once Gift Guide

The Silly Season is officially here, but that doesn’t mean we all have to go silly buying useless gadgets and bits and bobs nobody really wants! With this in mind we have created the Pip Buy it Once Gift Guide, below. The gifts featured here are all made to last – whether that be through their quality […]

Make your own DIY potting mix

It’s spring, and that means seed raising! We love the excitement of sprouting our own seedlings at home, but potting and seed raising mix don’t come cheap, so we’ve come up with the perfect recipe for making your own DIY potting mix. This recipe offers options to use a range of different growing mediums, depending […]

Ginger Beer Recipe from Scratch

This ginger beer recipe comes to us from homegrown homesteading extraordinaire Rhonda Hetzel, from her classic tome on living simply: Down to Earth. The latest issue of Pip is all about permaculture at home, and so if you’ve yet to subscribe we’ve got a special home pack featuring Down to Earth, a subscription to Pip and […]

Storing apples

The easiest way to preserve apples… is not to preserve them at all but to store your apples properly in autumn so that they last into winter. The fact that apples keep has made them a mainstay of the homesteading tradition and storing them is so much easier than turning them into sauce, jelly or drying […]