Top 8 Alternative Homegrown Chicken Feed

Chooks make excellent waste disposal units for unwanted kitchen scraps, but their high-protein egg-laying requirements mean they need a little more in their diet to keep them healthy. For most of us, this comes in the form of commercial feed, which while it doesn’t cost much, might make even the most seasoned self-sufficiency convert feel… well… […]

Living gratefully

Last year, 2016, was a bit of a shocker in world politics and environment news. We lost a permaculture giant in Bill Mollison, and at many times it was hard not to feel dispirited with the general state of things. But it wasn’t all black, there were plenty of silver linings the world over, many […]

Herbal First Aid Kit

Herbal First Aid Kit by Stephanie Zetah from Wise Women Australia Have you ever sipped chamomile tea for a better night’s sleep or eaten lots of citrus in the winter for more Vitamin C? Using food and herbs to maintain health was once a common practice within our culture. One need not be a naturopath […]

Rosehip Syrup

Autumn brings with it all sorts of bounty from the garden, but it also brings cold weather and the start of the sniffles season. Thank goodness for rosehips which are in abundance this time of year and packed with vitamin C! They can easily be made into all sorts of home remedies, but our favourite is this super […]

Find your Perfect-Permie-Match!

Permaculture brings people together, and is all about finding relationships between different elements in a design… but what if it could help found some beautiful real-life human relationships? Permablitz Melbourne seem to think it can… we found out just how in this interview with Permablitz Melbourne Collective Member Adrian O’Hagan.   Why did Permablitz Melbourne decide to […]

Autumn Rituals

Well, you wouldn’t know it if you looked at the mercury, but autumn is here. We’ve had some record breaking heat across our hemisphere and it’s thrown some of our planting plans into dissarray, I can tell you! We’re still planting out some new year crops in the hope we might have an extended harvest […]

Permaculture New Years Resolutions

Permaculture New Year’s Resolutions   Serial-resolution-maker and breaker Maude Farrugia looks at how permaculture can help to create beautiful, sustainable new years patterns… How can permaculture help us create great new habits for the new year? It’s all about patterns! According to permaculture luminary Looby McNamara (author of People and Permaculture) “The first thing is […]

Introducing children to permaculture

With school holidays fast approaching, we’re sharing a sneak peak of this beautiful article in Pip issue 4 that looks at exploring permaculture concepts with kids. Words by Lauren Carter Photos by Lauren and Oberon Carter of Spiral Garden, Hobart Permaculture theory and design are concepts traditionally communicated in an adult forum. Children may pick up snippets […]

Native Bees in the Permaculture Garden

To celebrate Australia’s first Pollination Week, kicking off on November 15, we’re sharing a sneak peak at one of the articles in Pip #4, where native bee expert Megan Halcroft takes us on a fascinating journey into the solitary world of Australia’s bees. Bees are under threat worldwide. As we urbanise our environments we remove […]

Natural Mineral Sunscreen Recipe

Sun safety is an important issue in Australia and concerns about sun exposure have led to the development of a booming sunscreen industry, with many brands and various strengths available on the market today. But are commercial sunscreens the answer? The stats are staggering; two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before […]

What is Fair Food?

The term ‘fair food’ has been thrown around a bit of late. With Fair Food Week 2014 (of which Pip Magazine is a major sponsor) only concluding last weekend. But what makes food fair? Well, I think Tammi Jonas, “farmer, meatsmith and cultural theorist”, sums it up well in her article “On Fair Food & ‘Sustainable […]

Cauliflower Bake Recipe

There is something magical about finding a perfectly formed cauliflower in your garden.  I planted a few and had forgotten what they were as they grew. Then I peaked inside the leaves one day and there hiding was a perfectly formed cauliflower. Such magic. After letting it grow in size I chopped it and wondered […]

Comfrey – A Most Useful Plant

It was because of comfrey’s reputation as a healing herb that we scrunched up its leaves and made a poultice to wrap on our daughter’s suspected broken leg. She was only two and had been playing on the trampoline. We were staying on an island with only a day-ferry, and the last ferry had long […]

Fermenting Fun

Ferment. What does the word conjure up for you? Bacteria? Mould? Stuff going off in your fridge? It’s a word we’d all do well to become better acquainted with. In fact, you probably already know more than you think. Do you have cheese, salami, chocolate, yoghurt, beer or wine lurking in your pantry? These are […]