Natural Building Materials

Pip Issue 6 is all about home, and this sneak peek at our article on natural building materials by Adam Hickman couldn’t be more appropriate! Strawbale? Hempcrete? Light Earth? Rammed Earth? Here’s Adam’s top pick of natural building materials and a little run down on each – (to read the full article, including in depth […]

What are Wicking Beds?

Picture credit: Wicking beds. They seem to be the latest buzz in the gardening world. Great idea for conserving water in the summer months. Know what they are? I didn’t. Until very recently. Someone suggested we build our new garden beds as wicking beds, so I thought I had better find out what they were. You’ve […]

Bucket Loo: Cheap & Simple

There are many great options for composting toilets, as you would have read in issue two of Pip Magazine. However there is one that I would like to explore a little further… … partly because it’s very cheap, and very simple, and partly because (scarily enough) it’s rather dear to my heart! Let’s call it […]

Waterless Composting Toilets

One of our most popular articles in Issue 2 of Pip is our piece on composting loos, “Waterless Composting Toilets” [PDF]. In fact, we were really chuffed to hear from Jan and Nat from Designful Studio, a sustainable building design firm in Hobart, Tasmania, who liked it so much they said on Instagram, it’s a […]

Issue Two, Greenhouses and Pigs

I love what I do. I get to talk to so many inspiring and knowledgeable people about what they are passionate about I am learning so much This week for example, I’ve been speaking with Professor Stuart Hill, Dan Palmer of VEG, Morag Gamble of SEED International, Hannah Moloney from Good Life Permaculture and Kym […]

The Perfect Backyard Chicken Setup

Ahhh chooks. That perfectly multi-purpose permaculture animal. Not only will they lay you an egg-shaped meal every day, but they will scratch up and turn over a piece of land in a matter of days. So why not put this energy to good use all over your permaculture patch and get yourself some backyard chickens? […]

Upcycled Outdoor Lights

Have you ever looked for outdoor lights and realised how difficult it is to find any with any kind of rustic, unique charm. And the few you do find are extremely expensive. So this time round we decided to go for something a bit different.  I really liked the look of candle lanterns and wondered […]