Lillypilly season is finishing up round our parts, so we thought we’d share a little celebratory treat to farewell...

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Lillypilly muffins


Winter solstice has passed and our July Garden Guides are here with all you need to know about what to do in your garden...

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July Garden Guides


Hello winter! Our June Garden Guides are here with all you need to know about what to do in your garden this time of yea...

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June Garden Guides


Lettuce growing slow with the coming of the cold? Here are our top winter salad greens to boost up your dinner plate wi...

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Winter Salad Greens


To support the launch of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance’s crowd-funding campaign for a legal fighting ...

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Food That Connects

photo 2

Autumn brings with it all sorts of bounty from the garden, but it also brings cold weather and the start of the sniffl...

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Rosehip Syrup

photo 1

Mother’s Day might mean flowers, but we’re getting creative in the kitchen today with these beaut edible flo...

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Edible Flowers


May is here, and so of course it follows that our May Garden Guides are here, with tips, tricks and to-do’s for di...

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May Garden Guides


Is the current craze for cacti making you go a little cray-cray? Wish your non-green-thumbed friends would grow somethi...

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Edible succulents

april garden guide

There’s lots happening in the garden in April! Our April Garden Guides will show you what to do in your patch if ...

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April Garden Guides

Kimchi Recipe-3

We love fresh, zingy kimchi here at Pip HQ, and this recipe hits the spot! (Also it’s very handy when you’re...

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Kimchi : How to